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There's gotta be a better way...

Dating is already daunting as it is.
Add a complex health condition to
the mix and it’s almost enough to
make you quit before trying.

We were having such a great time,
then I remembered I still needed to
have “the talk” with him at some
point (sarcastic yay).

I’m not sure which is worse, the sporadic
flare-ups or the abstruse explanations I
need to come with to cancel a first date
three times in a row.

Instead of asking “Why me?”,
I ask “Who else?”.
But seriously, though, WHO ELSE?

Most dating sites/apps today have
just become an annoying and
unpalatable game of competition.
It’s just not the right environment
for me.

Being with someone who is going through
a similar (or the same) challenging situation,
can really lighten the load. And opens up a
whole new level in a relationship.

Love YOU First

The best advice I've ever gotten...

When it comes to finding love, it’s kind of like making a sale - if you don’t believe in your own product, it’ll be tough to convince someone else to buy what you’re selling. More importantly, by loving yourself, you show yourself how to love your partner and show your partner how to love you. Love YOU first.

This is and will always be our mission statement.

We may call it a dating site but our mission goes way beyond that. See you on the inside!

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